Thread veins

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Thread veins are purple coloured prominent veins in the skin seen most commonly in the legs. They are harmless but are sometimes uncomfortable and may be very unsightly. Also known as spider veins, capillary veins or broken veins.

What are Thread veins?

Before treating thread veins it is necessary to make sure there is no underlying problem affecting the major veins in the leg.  A duplex scan (doppler-ultrasound) is usually arranged for this.  If a larger vein is malfunctioning, this should be corrected before embarking on treatment of thread veins. Thread veins can be very easily treated by sclerotherapy (injection) or using the Norseld laser (see links below for details).  This is done under bright light and low magnification using tiny needles which are barely felt. See our treatment pages for more details. 

What part of the body do they affect?

Thread veins are most commonly seen on the legs but can also appear on the arms and other parts of the body. 


What are the symptoms?

Purple veins in (not under) the skin. 

What are the treatment options?

Is the condition preventable? If so, how?

Thread veins cannot be prevented.

What should I do next?

If you are suffering from thread veins contact us now for advice and treatment. 

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