Foam and micro injection of varicose and flare veins (Sclerotherapy)

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Varicose veins and flare (spider) veins can be treated by sclerotherapy (i.e. injections). There are two main techniques, foam sclerotherapy and micro-sclerotherapy, but the basic principle is the same.

What is Foam and micro injection of varicose and flare veins (Sclerotherapy)?

The sclerosant (foam) is injected into the abnormal vein, then the leg and vein are compressed to squash the blood out of the vein.  The vein walls then stick together and the vein disappears as it is absorbed.


Foam sclerotherapy is used to treat larger veins.  Micro-sclerotherapy may be performed under bright light and low magnification to treat spider and flare veins.


Injections may either be performed under direct vision, or by using high-resolution duplex ultrasound to locate and inject the underlying feeding vein.  This is expecially effective for treating large areas of unsightly flare veins. Some larger veins may need more than one treatment. 

Are there any risks I should be aware of?

Some patients experience brown stains on the skin in the area treated, although these fade with time but may not disappear completely. There is a very small (1%) risk of deep vein thrombosis or of needing repeat treatments to solve the problem. 

What is it used for?

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