The London Vascular Clinic has treated hundreds of people over the last few years. Here is a selection of some of the feedback we've received from patients.

Tony Ogilvie:

"I recently received VNUS closure treatment from Mr Ian Franklin and his team. This was a very simple operation, with minimum discomfort, completion in one 40 minute session, and an immediate return to work. The professionalism and care from Mr Franklin and the support team was flawless throughout.

The results are quite frankly outstanding - complete removal of any trace of the varicose vein. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone, safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of the leader in his field, and the very best at what he does."

Vnus Closure testimonial , Vnus Closure varicose vein testimonial

Fran G:

"The whole experience was much better than I expected. The procedure itself didnít hurt at all. Mr Franklin has a quiet authority and confidence and good people skills, which I find is unusual in doctors in my experience. He was utterly professional and I felt like I was dealing with someone at the top of their game.

"I also felt I was being treated with the most up to date techniques. Mr Franklin has a range of techniques and doesnít seem wedded to one so he was able to look at my veins and decide which was best for me. It was tailored, expert and up to date.

"I care about which consultant I see. I went to Mr Franklin because my friend had a similar experience and now if anyone asked me who they should see Iíd recommend him immediately. I care about technical prowess, too Ė he had a doctor from another hospital coming to watch him, making me feel I had the teacher, not the pupil. His genuine passion for what he does is obvious."

Fran G testimonial , Varicose vein testimonial

Nikki Harries:

"Mr Franklin treated my varicose veins in 2009. I opted for a general anaesthetic but I recovered very well. I experienced minimal discomfort afterwards and have extraordinarily little scarring. It is not an overstatement to say that my life has changed since the operation. My legs no longer ache and I feel light on my feet. Before the operation I was too embarrassed to ever wear short skirts or go swimming with my children...but not now! It really has made such a huge difference to me. I only wish I had had the procedure before!"

Nikki Harries testimonial , Varicose vein testimonial

Lesley Barrett:

Had VNUS Closure treatment for varicose veins.

"I have had aching veins for quite a few years but like so many people I just left them. They were very uncomfortable and didnít look very nice Ė they were especially lumpy at the bottom of my legs.

Having the treatment was absolutely fine. The nurse, anaesthetists and other staff were all lovely. Mr Franklin was also lovely Ė right from the first time I met him he was very approachable and down to earth. Heís very good at talking to people, with no rushing you and he rang me the day after the treatment to ask how I was, which felt very caring.

I went home almost straight after the treatment and got up the next day and went out walking for the day. You wouldnít even know Iíve had anything done, as you canít see any scars at all.

The difference is amazing. I was always very conscious of my veins and always scratching my legs like mad, not realising that the itching was associated with varicose veins. I think the biggest difference will be in the summer, when Iím able to wear shorts."

Lesley Barrett testimonial , Vnus Closure testimonial

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